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The following books and articles have been written by members (past and present) of HCC and are available to purchase from good bookshops!


Dr Sylvia Baker

Sylvia Baker is a biologist and part of the leadership of the ‘Christian Schools Trust’. She completed her PhD in Education in 2010. From 2011 to 2017, she was a Visiting Research Fellow at Glyndwr University. Sylvia continues to research the interplay between faith and education, with particular interest in science education. 


Swimming Against

The Tide

This book addresses an issue of considerable current interest and importance: what is and what should be the role of religion in the education process of a modern, secular society? The subject is tackled through an in-depth investigation of a recently established network of small independent Christian schools. 

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Bone of Contention

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Dr Tim Tucker

Dr Tim Tucker is CEO of The Message Trust South Africa. Originally from the UK, he has been involved in Christian ministry in Africa since 1998. Tim has a PhD in Practical Theology from North-West University and lives with his family in Cape Town, South Africa.


Grief and Grace

Grief and Grace is the account of a six-month period in Tim Tucker’s life when he faced the unimaginable: losing his 38-year-old wife to a brain aneurysm. Laura Tucker passed away on 18 August 2016, leaving behind Tim and their three children. This is a frank and poignant story of how grief and grace can mingle and coexist as Tim faced the future he didn’t choose.

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Grab a Towel

In Grab A Towel, Message South Africa CEO Tim Tucker issues a clarion call to every leader who wants to make a mark for God. It is counter-cultural. It is often costly. It is the way of Christ. Whatever our leadership context, in Jesus we have the perfect model to emulate. It’s time to grab a towel – and join him.

Available from The Message and Amazon.