Culture | Hyde

The way that we live out our values could be called our culture - the way we do things around here. We believe it's important to be intentional and aspirational about the culture we create. At Hope Hyde, with God's help, we seek to... extravagantly

We want our love for God and for others to be wholehearted, and our treatment of all people to be dignified, regardless of their story.

...take responsibility

We recognise the responsibility we have individually for our faith and obedience to Jesus.

...serve selflessly

We choose to serve with a smile, bringing our best to whatever we do

...follow fearlessly

We have a go whenever opportunities arise

...relate authentically

We talk honestly, sharing our struggles and successes, encouraging one another from the Bible

...pray faithfully

We dream big and pray big in seeking God's best for our Town.

...witness relentlessly

We share the life-changing good news of Jesus - in word and deed - boldly and persistently.