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Session 1:  Overview

Session 2:  An Old Promise, a New Leader (1:1–18)

Session 3:  Sending in the Spies, Finding a Surprise (2:1–24)

Session 4:  Crossing the Jordan, Getting Right with God (3:1–5:15)

Session 5:  A Foolish Plan, a Decisive Outcome (6:1–27)

Session 6:  Two Piles of Stones, One Crucial Lesson (7:1–8:35)

Session 7:  Taking More Land, Hanging More Kings (9:1–12:24)

Session 8:  Putting Down Roots, Receiving God’s Inheritance (13:1–19:51)

Session 9:  Cities for Justice, People for Worship (20:1–21:45)

Session 10:      An Altar of Remembrance, an Unforgettable Altercation (22:1–34)

Session 11:      Joshua Dies in the Land, the Promise of Rest Lives On (23:1–24:33)

Session 12:      Summary and Conclusion

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