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Our Leaders …


Steve Percy

Pastor &

Full-Time Elder

Steve is husband to Vicky and dad to George and Isabelle, and the four of them enjoy a life busy with various after-school clubs, ministry opportunities and fellowship, trying to figure out what 'honouring God in the day-to-day' actually looks like!

Having served on the team of elders for three years, and sensing God's call to full-time ministry, Steve left his previous career of fifteen years as a Probation Officer to come into full-time leadership at Hope Community Church in September 2018.


Steve is passionate about seeing God's people engaged in worship together, and carries a deep longing to see men, particularly young men, understand and live out what it means to be a man of God.


He enjoys watching most sports, but particularly rugby. He played both football and rugby regularly until recently, but if you ask Vicky, his rugby days are now behind him!

HCC_Mugshot_MatMartin_12Jan2023 (1).png

Mat and Elisabeth have lived with their four children (Val, David, Jim and Jenny) in Glossop since 2015. Mat is a Software Engineer by trade, and is also a member of the Glossop Mountain Rescue Team. When not tapping away at the keyboard, walking around the Hills of Glossop or doing something else genuinely productive, he might be found supporting Arsenal Football Club.


Tim Verrall


Tim was born in Cranbrook, Kent and lived there until the family moved to Maidstone, where they started to attend Shepway Free Church. It was there that Tim met Barbara and where they were married, a few years later.

Tim was an apprentice engineer at the Tilling Stevens factory, part of Chrysler UK, but when Barbara began training as a Physiotherapist, Tim realised that he wanted his occupation to link engineering with health care, in some way.


Once married Tim and Barbara moved to London, so that Barbara could finish her training and, after much searching, Tim started to train as a prosthetist (an artificial limb fitter), thereby achieving the link between his engineering ability and care for the individual.

On completion of his training, Tim was obliged to move from the centre where he had trained, to meet the need for staff at other centres. The options on offer included Manchester and it soon became clear that God’s call was to that option. So, in 1978, following a suggestion from their pastor in Camberwell, Tim and Barbara met the pastor at Mottram Congregational Church (as it was then). On the same day, they found a house, put an offer on it, and made friends with neighbours, who also attended the church and who would later take them in for three months, while the house purchase was completed.

Barbara soon found a job at the same hospital as Tim.


After arriving in Mottram, in 1978, Tim became involved in the project to renovate and upgrade the chapel building and, after a short term as Church Treasurer, he became a Church Leader in 1997.


Now retired from his paid employment, Tim keeps busy doing DIY and gardening jobs for himself and others, acting as a Trustee for the charity that is Hope Community Church (Tameside & Glossop) and the Lifecentre Hattersley charity. He tries to keep fit by cycling around the area, though as can be seen on Strava, he prefers to do so on his turbo trainer, rather than risk getting wet.


Simon Davidson

Elder & Trustee

After worshiping at Mottram Evangelical Church for 2 and a half years, Simon and his wife Sandra moved to Hattersley in October 2001 to volunteer with the newly launched EDEN Project and become part of the fellowship of the soon to be established Hattersley Community Church (now called Hope Community Church).


At that time Simon was working full time in hotel management but in May 2004 became a full time Youth & Community Worker, working alongside the EDEN Team Leader. In September 2008, Simon was made the EDEN Team Leader.  This role has now developed into Executive Director of Lifecentre Hattersley.

Simon became a church leader in January 2009 and is involved in preaching and leading the church youth group. Simon can usually be found climbing up or skiing down a mountain, or diving in warm water - in fact the more dangerous the activity the more he enjoys it!


Mat Martin

Elder & Trustee

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