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Session 1:     Overview

Session 2:     Thankfulness and Prayer for the Philippians (1:1–11)

Session 3:     Paul’s Imprisonment Is for the Greater Good (1:12–18)

Session 4:     Whether in Life or Death, Christ Will Be Magnified (1:19–30)

Session 5:     A Call to Humble Sacrifice; Jesus’ Supreme Example (2:1–11)

Session 6:     Working Out What God Has Worked In (2:12–18)

Session 7:     Updates, Travel Plans, and Models to Follow (2:19–30)

Session 8:     Rejoicing in the True and Only Gospel (3:1–11)

Session 9:     Pressing Forward in Pursuit of Christ (3:12–21)

Session 10:   Fighting for Peace, Joy, Trust, and Right Thinking (4:1–9)

Session 11:   Provision, Thankfulness, and Contentment (4:10–23)

Session 12:   Summary and Conclusion

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