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Prayer & Vision

Prayer has been described as "the Christian's vital breath". It is a sign of our utter dependence on God, our desire to do things His way and to be led and enlivened by the Spirit.
And so we take time to pray together. We have regular weekly, monthly and annual gatherings for prayer and fasting (see the diary pages for more detail).
On the third Wednesday of each month (except when we have a church members' meeting) we have a Prayer & Vision evening. This is an opportunity to remind ourselves what we understand God has called us to be and do and to pray for his help in fulfilling this. Our next Prayer & Vision evening will be at 8 pm on Wednesday 16th October at Hope Christian Centre.
We are also holding a night of prayer from 7 pm on Friday 25th October to 7 am on Saturday 26th October, again at Hope Christian Centre.  


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