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Session 1:     Overview

Session 2:     The Gospel as the Revelation of the Righteousness of God (1:1–17)

Session 3:     God’s Righteousness in His Wrath against Sinners (1:18–3:20)

Session 4:     The Saving Righteousness of God (3:21–4:25)

Session 5:     Hope as a Result of Righteousness by Faith (5:1–21)

Session 6:     The Triumph of Grace (6:1–7:25)

Session 7:     Life in the Spirit (8:1–39)

Session 8:     God’s Promises to Israel (9:1–33)

Session 9:     God’s Righteousness in His Plans for Jews and Gentiles (10:1–11:36)

Session 10:   Living in Light of the Gospel (12:1–13:14)

Session 11:   The Extension of God’s Righteousness through Mission (14:1–16:23)

Session 12:   Final Summary of the Gospel of the Righteousness of God (16:25–27)

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