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Life Groups ...

Our Sunday worship gatherings play an extremely important role in church family life. They are the main time for the whole church community to praise and worship God, pray, encounter God's felt presence, receive systematic Bible teaching,  hear testimonies of God's goodness, get reports from mission partner and catch up with one another!
But there are some important things that these larger Sunday gatherings cannot provide. So that Hope Community Church is more able to reflect the New Testament pattern of church life, we have established a number of smaller Life Groups in several locations across Tameside and Glossop.

These Life Groups provide weekly opportunities for those who lives in those locations to play an active role in ...


loving one another
with practical care and generous hospitality

instructing one another
with lively discussions from God's Word 
fellowship with one another
in prayer, worship, ministry and spiritual gifts
evangelising their community together
through relationships and events in the locality 


Our vision for these Life Groups is that  …


... every person in regular attendance at our Sunday meetings will have the opportunity to be connected to a healthy mid-week Life Group which provokes growth in love, faith and obedience to God;


… we will equip and raise up skilled and gifted leaders to lead these groups and nurture their growth;


... at least one healthy small group is established for each geographical community in which a significant number of members live (e.g. Glossop, Mottram, Hattersley, Hyde, Stalybridge);


... each small group has potential to become a church plant that grows numerically through witnessing to the lost, making disciples and caring for people in our communities who are poor, lonely, sick and suffering.  

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