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Who's Who in HCCH?

Hope Community Church (HCC) is one church which meets in multiple locations (sites) - presently two, but hopefully more!

HCC is overseen by one set of
elders but each site has a local leadership team to reflect and respond to the local community. In Hyde, the team is made up of...
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Steve & Vicky 

Steve is the site leader for the Hyde site and one of the HCC elders. Vicky, his wife, faithfully serves the church in many ways, including being the brains behind much of the creative material used with the children. 

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Simon and Sandra 

Simon is one of the elders as well as head of the Lifecentre Hattersley charity linked to the church. Sandra works in IT management and in her spare time organises the rest of us!

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A long-time Hydonian, Christine has spent much of her career providing care to others. She has worked for many years in pro-life work and post-abortion counselling support.

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Alongside her teaching work and Dyslexia specialism, Helen leads the Hyde Youth Project team who work with a number of local youths to engage them in positive activities and raise their aspirations.

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Mark & Gemma

With previous experience in church leadership, Mark & Gemma bring experience and a real heart for those in need to the team.

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